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    May 17, 2011
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    somewhere between London And South America
    My name is Evans, and I am new on this forum.
    I discover it 3 days ago and I though it will be a good idea to join it, as the differents topic, sound interested and very complete.

    I would like to start earning money online, but to be fair, I am a real newbie, and I don't know really where to start...
    I am not looking for solution on how to do the thing but more looking for idea, I think it's the best way to learn, and get better understanding of what we do !!!

    I will have a look around and try my best to understand, I am willing to learn and try so why not ???

    If anyone have any idea on thread I can maybe read or where I can start without getting overloaded with to much information please let me know.

    I am normally very shy when it comes to speak on forum but I read a lot and everyday, so hopefully my next posting will come soon !!!!