Hi - Stepping over to the Dark Side from White Hat to try a few ideas - Couple Q's 1st

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    Hi all,

    I built my first site over 12 years ago all the way back in 2001 when it wasn't as difficult as it is today build a new website from scratch and to rank fairly quickly and easily it for it in the search engines.

    Through white hat techniques, my sites are still doing OK today. It does not hurt getting in early. Back in 2001, that felt late, but in the grand scheme of things, I think it was still very early. And I think even 30 years from now, 2013 will still be considered pretty close to the early days and infancy of the internet, when everyone had a great chance to get in.

    I didn't, or haven't yet created any sites that let me quit my day job. I only wish I would've created much more general sites back then, as opposed to how specific mine are now. e.g. instead of creating a site about black hat's I wish I would've just tried to make 1 good site about hats. Or in other words, instead of creating a site about a specific movie, I wish I would've created IMDB.

    That still may or may not apply today, I'm not sure any more. I think it's definitely safe to say it's getting much more difficult to create something new and be able to compete. But finding this forum has re-inspired me and I'm sure there will always be new ideas and companies that make it big.

    I've actually just recently been learning all about what Blackhat entails exactly - and I must say I'm very intrigued by some of the things I've read here in the last couple days.

    This forum has helped spark more creative ideas in me in the last 2 days than all probably all other sites I read like this have in the last 2 years. I'm really excited about creating a new website now, or even trying some of the offline things - the entrepreneur in me has re-emerged hopeful and eager to test some things out.

    I think most the things I want to try that I've learned about here recently will fall more under 'grey hat', but before I moved forward with any of these ideas, I want to make sure I don't do anything that can get my white hat sites in trouble.

    My first question is: I have about 10 websites, all hosted on the same account, under 1 server...

    If I do create a site that uses some black hat SEO techniques, do I have to make sure this new site is not under the same hosting account/server or even tied anywhere to my same hosting company? Should I go to some other company completely, sign up and buy another separate hosting account just to try some idea's out, or am I safe just adding it to my current host, like it was any other site?

    Say worst case scenario the site gets banned from Google. OK, I knew what I was trying, time to start over, but can this possibly actually affect my other sites?

    I don't want to do anything that could possibly jeopardize my other sites, but I can have up to 50 sites on 1 account, so I would only be buying a another hosting plan somewhere else if this is what is suggested to make sure you stay safe.

    Do you have any advice, or is there a "Before you try Blackhat SEO - thread for newbies" somewhere I can read that will give any warnings and things to watch out for?

    Thanks for all the great ideas, this forum is really creativity inducing and an exciting atmosphere!

    Looking forward to reading and learning more from what seems to be an place full of helpful people willing to share some great tips and advice.