Hi, sorry to bother you, my name is Polluxo and I'm with *Local cable company*...

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    I'm not here to sell you cable, but in my day job I am the guy you see walking door-to-door repeating to everyone how sorry I am to bother them, but I can save them a ton of money on their monthly bills.

    I come from a brutal sales environment, fighting the weather and the mentality, minimizing and maximizing dynamically speaking, almost free-styling at the door. Even though I could save you $100/mo on your monthly bill you're still going to say "I'll think about." That no soliciting sign has never stopped me from knocking on your door (I'm not a solicitor, I am a product advisor) and helping you pick a better service. You only use cell phones and don't need a home phone, but I noticed you have kids? Will you buy them all cell phones just for a potential emergency situation? 911 can't pinpoint your location from a cellphone, but they can with our less expensive home phone! Everything will all be on one bill, one page, no more fondling through mixed payment records!

    I'm a little burnt out from this job and looking for a few more rich opportunities to work for myself. I am still contracted by them so I can legally sell the service still if anyone has ideas.

    If you're interested in a joint venture to help get me sales I will split the commission 50/50. Essentially I get $150 for every person I sign up in my local area for the triple play bundle. They need to have FIOS TV at least, helps if they have all 3(tv, internet, phone) as they'll be paying more, and preferably not in a contract anymore.

    What I sell is 89.99/mo for TV(HBO 12 months, free HDDVR, STARZ 12 months, basic+preferred channels - pretty much all channels available), internet(16-22mb Down, 2mb Up), and phone(long distance + all 12 calling features included). After taxes and equipment fees the total bill is $100/mo, this price is guaranteed for 12 months, then goes to $129/mo, and there is no contract. I've noticed people with FIOS generally pay $140-200/mo after contract for all 3 services. I can offer free and fast installation which usually adds to the enticement of this deal.

    If anyone has any good ideas on ways I can market this business through the internet I would love to hear from you. I can usually make 1-2 sales on this in a day just from driving around, so I wonder how many I can make from the web? I should say I am not authorized to sell this service on the web directly, but there are methods to put it under the radar, i.e: referral.

    So for the past month I have been on this forum, don't remember how I came to be here but I've been glued on it just about every day. Finally I noticed I was able to post today and I am glad to be finally given the privilege. Don't take this post as a sales pitch or me trying to sell you the service, I was just explaining what I do.

    Hello everyone.