Hi proxy experts helps new lol


Oct 2, 2008
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Hi guy i am reading blackhat from last 5 month and today posted my question . I am not earning big bucks but yes started working from last week .

Can you plzz tell me from where i can get USA SOCKS IPS to signup email offers for other users . One guy providing me 50 lead program but he want from us ips . Can you guys plz help me and guide me from where i can get or extract working USA socks ips . Till yet i have earned $8 by online work and i you want money than i can give them you by paypal

thanks :)
yeah, don't be a scumbag fraud tard that causes networks to rinse more leads than necessary to cover the loss caused by idiots like you.
Caml down bhnoobz, he is just asking a simple question.
A simple question? Right. He wants to post fake leads to CPA networks. Those fake leads cause problems for legitimate people that don't try to scam the networks. You and your friend can go fuck yourselves.
On my campaigns when some sends us fake leads that don't convert we add them to our random pixel firing code and the worse the leads are the less it fires, until it doesn't fire at all. lol
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