Hi my name is bob and I'm a Guitar Hero Addict

Jan 24, 2008
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I bought this game for my wife's nieces for Christmas and I never attempted to play it before. This game is addicting. Now they will be leaving this week (they are here for Christmas break) and I must buy this game. I want the whole set (the mic, guitar, drum set) and it runs about $190 for the wii or xbox 360.

Now I know why people at Walmart and Best Buy play for hours.
Your post is killing me... I'm dying laughing over here... I can relate I love this game and coming from a real guitar player it actually improves your finger speed and dexterity...
Your not alone, Bob.

I played Guitar Hero for the first time last New Years, and have been addicted ever since!

I own all the guitar hero games for PS3 and Rockband 1 & 2. Very Fun!
I just got Rock Band (the whole set thing) for Christmas from my fiancee. Haven't set it up yet, but I thought it would be a cool addition to the game room when friends come over. I was more excited about the drums than the guitar, seems more realistic to me.
lol, Ive got Guitar Hero on the Wii, such a cool game, gets so addicting though and I cant type afterwards because my fingers ache so bad from playing for so long lol :p
Good that you brought the game.. Atlast she found something interesting after the marriage :D
the wii version of guitar hero world tour is the best version to get since now all the instruments on the wii version of ghwt are compatible with the rockband 2 software.
its nice now to only have to buy one set of instruments and play both games with them, get a more variety of songs. works better that way too, since i think the ghwt has better instruments than rockband 2, especially the drums and i like the rockband 2 software better.
me and the wifey was shopping late one night at walmart and i noticed they had a demo of rockband setup with the drums and that, we have guitar hero, but have never tried the drums out so i coaxed her into having a "quick go" - 20 minutes later the wife had taken over the drumset and was completely fixated with it... it is addictive for sure!

anyway a few days later we where at another walmart and happened to pass another rockband setup - as we walked passed it my possessed rock band drummer wifey just had to get a quick fix and slapped the drums like they where bongos saying oooh cant wait to play this again.... what she didnt realize was that the whole demo set wasnt actually fastened down, no sooner had she knocked out a beat the whole thing came crashing down!!!! guitars went sprawling, drums sticks flying, even one of the drums broke off the unit and was dangling by a few wires.... she was totally speachless and turned bright red!!! for a minute i thought it was like kandid camera or something like that!! LOL

needless to say the moment for me was priceless and now the wifey cant see a rockband set without turning bright red!!! LOL

i just read this post to her and shes all embarrased and just burst out laughing again! :)
I am playing it on hard, and have been doing so for awhile, and I just feel like the biggest nerd
I love playing it but can't see myself buying it because of that. That and I have owned a real gibson voodoo and rack mounted marshall full stack since, at least a good 4 years before guitar hero was even dreamed up.
I actually just got a Wii for Christmas & it's fun as hell too. Don't have any games yet (just the sports stuff that came with it), but it's already addictive. It just sucks that wife kicks my ass. I could totally take her playing Quake or UT though. Be careful with RockBand though. I've got some family out in SD (older sister) that plays TONS. Drumming mostly. She just had to have knee surgery from an overuse injury; drummers knee. Now, I don't know for sure that the 2 are related (but it makes a funny story) but I do know she plays for hours each day & really did just have knee surgery on her drumming knee.
I too am a GH and RB freak. I can play most all the songs on expert :) SOmething you guys should check out. Its a freeware game for the PC called "Frets on fire" make sure you get the "Alarian mod" for it. Just google alarian mod.

You can download and play all the GH 1,2,3 and RB 1,2 songs and play them for free! You will need the instruments though. Just plug in the xbox 360 guitar or drums and it works just fine on your PC.

I have like 1000 songs for it. :)
Prefer RB to GHWT, but both are fun and great party games. Got addicted to GH on the PS2 when it came out and haven't looked back. Just to stoke the fire. GH: Metallica is coming out sometime later this year.
I'm one of the really sad one's who bought the pro drum kit for RB2, Goes for about $350 - 400, google ION rock band kit, the really cool thing is you can plug in a drum module and you got a proper elec kit:).
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