Hi its me and i am glad to be here ....

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    Hello evil fellow black hat'rs

    I joined this forum yesterday and I think I will really enjoy it here. I have alot of seo skills but have been sticking to white hat methods. Lately I have been creating much more links and have been using some methods that are a little grey. I am ready to fully try out black hat methods. School and work keeps me busy so I may purchase some blackhat software to help me out (maby) - I dont usually find software that creates any shortcuts and just end up doing everything manually. If anyone is interested there is a free blackhat ebook in the free members area at ---edited- (i need more posts to submit a link - just pm me if you are interested) ---- end of edit. hope that doesnt violate any policies here. Not trying to sell anything just offer a free resource. :) I am pretty open minded and would love to share tips with everyone here. Feel free to pm me anytime. Maby we could even exchange skills, thats often fun :D

    see ya around,