Hi Im a Noob and i came here for advise

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    Hi Black Hat World

    I would like to talk to you guys about different things, and basically what I'm looking for, is just for an advise.

    So i have been starting to work as an affiliate... off course i was expecting you know to quite my current job and dedicate my self to this, i was hoping to find that Financial Freedom that all affiliates marketers talks a lot about.

    But off course i didn't have any success... I try Amazon Program, ClickBank and also a crowdfunding site call Teespring and please don't get me wrong i do make money with those but not what i was dreaming off and then i do invest my minimum earnings from this to keep my websites running to see if one day i could go and you know start my Passive Income business but instead of that i lose all my money :(.

    Then wile i was doing all this kind of mistakes i found people that were very kind on teaching me things but yet again i wasn't having the success they are having today. so this took me to start thinking you know may be these guys were not telling me all the truth or all the things that i really need to do to be success.

    I totally understand that yes... NO ONE in the world that is making real big amount of money with some techniques or some affiliate programs will share there real success, or at least i haven't meet those kind of people that do want to share there success stories.

    So why do i came here to black hat seo? Well I noticed that this successful guys were doing some black hat things to get more money, traffic, and those kinda things, i meet some guys that are now making around 60,000$ a month i say to my self how is that even possible???

    Guys is there a real guide to become a successful affiliate marketer? what do you really need to do regarding to techniques or strategies to become success??? I tested all possible White Hat things to be success but i wasn't :( i do make some money with those sites, I really need someone who is willing to help... i know things take time and work hours and sacrifices believe me i have done all of them but obviously on the wrong direction.

    Is there anyone out there willing to help??? I will appreciate if someone is able to put me in the correct direction, of course i know that if i want to win 60 thousand dollars a month i will have to work hard and invest a lot of money for it too... im not looking for that im looking for the right direction.

    Thanks a lot at least for listing me and take time to read my S.O.S call

    Regards to all
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    It not only takes time and dedication it takes brain, which some (a lot) of people don't have and are not cut out for IM.

    I consider myself as a fairly smart person, but it took me a year to start making money in IM. Most important skill is to know how to tell sh1t from gold.

    The advice I can give you is to learn ONLY from people who are already making the amount of money you want to make.