Hi, I used to think k I knew stuff. I guess I don't. I need to learn

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    Every know a know it all?
    That was me, and it sort of still is, but I'm happier admitting that I know nothing when I can remember that knowing everything always gets me intro trouble.

    Anyhow, I have this dream.
    Perhaps you've had the same dream.

    A six figure income from online sources.

    Where I started Wasabi seven years ago.
    I followed a free program about Longtail keywords made by some guys who went on to be big time connected to clickbank.

    The guy was Adam and the other fellow I can't remember.
    It was the free guides for a lost and forgotten program called "Tycoon Cash Flow," and it had me male a squidoo lens around a Vizio TV that I knew would be popular during that years superbowl.

    Well, I sold a $4000+ Panasonic TV instead of the $1800 Vizio and I recall the mail from Amazon marketplace and the direct deposit for over $150.00.

    And then? Then I quit.

    I had compulsive personality disorders that were brought oh by porn addiction and massive amounts of caffeine consumption and I never followed through on anything I started.

    Only three years ago o got fed up and found wsodownloads dot info (which was 100% free at the time).

    A program that showed me how to send campaigns straight to clickbank offers earned me a few sales around $40.00 each, but I had only problems and spending $35.00 for traffic for $40.00 in sales made no sense.

    I did every shiny object known to man, and now am looking at the thread here titled "easy $100 a day" and have a few things in place.

    First I have the domain which apparently I can't post here.
    Secondly I am creating content
    Third I am using a tool called wp fan machine 2.0 to drive traffic through Facebook to the page.


    Well, I do okay in my day job.
    I earn between $1200-$2000 per week, but it's a job, and if I don't show there is no commission for little old me.

    I work in travel and tourism and the whole thing can go bye bye if I don't look out.

    Just one terror strike where I live and I'll be working at the poverty line.

    To add to this, I really want to move and relocate overseas where my wife is from, and an online business works for that.

    It's a job, stupid

    I do know that this is a second job and requires work. You aren't finding auto pilot systems that lay down thousands a week.

    I still know that it's up to me to pass or fail.

    I just thought that I'd introduce myself here...

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    Bump, anyone have anything to add? Advice?