Hi I need some advice on monetizing my new Churn Burn site.

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    Apr 16, 2014
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    Hi all, I need some advice how to monetize my new churn burn site
    so as the title explains, I need all the monetization tricks that can help me monetize my new churn & Burn website.
    I don't want to give away a lot of details, but it's a simple landing page, not too much info. That redirects to program "available on all platforms, windows, linux, android ios mac"

    I did not input the links yet, the program does not have an affiliate program. So I need some help / advice how to monetize my outgoing links to this software.
    Or even add some codes in back-end that pop up some spammy pages when you visit my site.

    I was thinking of adfly / adfocus but I really hate those sites to use on my outgoing links to the software, makes my site look like "#$%#$" because I have done a
    really really good job in making it look as legit as possible "maybe even better than the original site", so using adfly will definitly ring some bells to the visitors.

    I am using a very fast fps (2,4ghz cpu x3 cores, 4gb ram, 250Gb data en 4TB traffic 400mbps up / down)
    Centos > Ispconfig V3 and using Wordpress CMS.

    Any advice? what to use and what now ?
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    Collect emails and send out offers to your list??