hi i m a newbie!!

Totally.... Please read the rules and learn to post in a suitable category thanks.

And welcome :)
welcome! I'd say you need to read first ... then read more ... THEN ask questions. The thing to remember is that nobody is gonna give you a golden ticket, you need to pick n choose from here n there for this n that to be able to do what u need to do :cool:
arif_rawoof2002 <---

If your just starting out with affiliate marketing look at promoting something you actually

like... that way you stick with it.

The number one way to loose at affiliate marketing is to quit before you actually learn what works (because the game is always changing!)

Take a look at some really basic stuff like blogs that do reviews on products with amazon and ebay links.

Then as you move up look into Affiliate Programs and Private partnerships /CPA's and CPM networks.

Good luck and expect the next year to be a learning process :)
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