Hi guys great site but need a little help!!

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    Hi guys and gals!.

    I have a problem i bought the rights for a sight some time ago so fully own it and theres no major competition with it (as far as i know)

    I wanted to get my site indexed in GOOGLE YAHOO MSN before i started with affiliates.

    I have done small advertising like youtube videos with links.
    backlinks with little knowlege
    blog posting.
    writing articles etc.

    I do get traffic but 3-5 a day.

    I have been indexed for minisite 24 & minisite-24

    I am pretty new to the minisite business so would really appreciate so help with where/how i could.

    Make my site more appealing to affiliates
    advertise for affiliates outside of clickbank

    also i want to give my affiliates prizes and incentives etc what would be the best way to do this, also how they can track thier progress on a leader board of sales from each affiliate?

    where could i recruit a business partner who has good knowlege of cb products and selling and cut them in 50/50.

    Because this is my 1st product i do really need some help and tips i would really appreciate it.

    Also if you have tips on my sales page minisite-24 i would love to know.

    Just to let you know the payment link is blocked im testing not blagging sales thanks.