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    Aug 10, 2009
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    Hi all, I'm quite new here. Been lurking for a week or so after making this account and waiting for it to become activated which finally happened this morning.

    I've came to notice a lot of people here are outside the US thats pretty damn cool. Anyways I'm a college student looking for some extra/potentially real good income on the side. It is still summer break for another month though so hopefully I can try this full on till then to get started.

    Unfortunately I've read so much but still am a little lost. Its like a whole new language reading sentences where everyother thing is, SEO,CPA,PPA,PPV etc... Im starting to learn the majority but theres clearly a TON to learn.

    So this is the beginning of a new venture for me, hopefully I can find something to get started on soon cause I'm currently overwhelmed with all the new material. If anyone experienced would like a partner who'll work for dirt cheap so he can learn as he goes, get at me. :D