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    Hi guys (and ladies), I've been reading on here since a little while before Christmas and am loving the place. This is my first post because frankly I'm a big Noob and haven't had anything to offer hehe.

    I'm just starting to take my first steps into a venture and hopefully I'll make some money and can continue learning and improving toward a legitimate long term income... Which means I can quit my job, move to the far east with my girlfriend and future wife (that's the same person by the way lol) and live the easy going life that I dream about! Is that too much to ask? Just enough to live a nice quiet lifestyle without a job or boss!!

    If I achieve any success and I think I will eventually (I'll just keep learning and trying), I'll be sure to post about it. Thanks for the help so far guys, and thanks for the future help I'm sure I'll find in this great community.