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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kray, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm totally new to all this.

    I own a few sites, and they do well, all "white hat" SEO stuff, earning about $20 a day each.

    But i'm really thinking about trying somthing else...

    Please, if someone could answer any of these questions, it would be REALLY helpful...

    1. How separated should you keep your whitehat and blackhat sites?
    All 20 of my sites are hosted on the same DreamHost account, with the same adsense for ads. All domains are purchased with namecheap. If i wanted to try and make a blackhat site, should i get a new host, and use a differnt company to register the domain. i really dont want to mess up my good sites.

    2. I'm not going to risk my adsense account with this test, i'm thinking of using bidvertiser as i get payments everytime i reach an amount. Is this a good company to use?

    3. The main way i was thinking of getting visitors was though paied for banner exchange hits. I dont know if this comes into you guys "black hat" techniques, but i've read on DP, that adsense dosnt like it. Is it an effective way to get hits?

    4. What would you say was the single easiest way to get massive amounts of visitors to a site. I have seen many sites for sale where one day there stats show no visitors, and the next over 1000 uniques. There must be some proxy / banner exchange hits going on here? if not, please explain.

    Thats about all i can think of now. i did have alot more questions, but i forgot them as i was typing ;)

    Thanks very much for any help. I'm going to be reading the forum now, it looks a nice site, lots of new ideas to see.

    Many thanks.


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    How separated should you keep your whitehat and blackhat sites? When your just starting out its fine to keep them on the same hosting and use the same adsense. However as you make more and more black hat sites it might be a good idea to get a seperate hosting account, the only reason I say this is because it keeps things more organized. By have another hosting acount you can then create links from your white hat sites to your black hat sites. (But do not link your black hat sites to your white hat sites.) Doing this will help index your black hat sites.

    I haven't used bidvertiser, if your anxious about using adsense then go for it.

    I'm not sure I totally understand, are you talking about trading topsites? Or buying traffic/ You will have to be careful about buying traffic, some are complete rip offs. Buy small batches and check your results, if they are good increase to buying larger packages.

    Getting massive hits? That is the money question. People get that mostly through link spamming, email spamming, myspace spamming ect.
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    4. What would you say was the single easiest way to get massive amounts of visitors to a site.

    This depends on your skill set, like Damien said that's the money question - basically why this site exists. Also you obviously need to consider the quality of the traffic, you don't just want traffic you want targeted traffic that will convert. There's a fiver gig that gurantees (i think its) 5,000 unique visitors to your site in like 24 hours...that's easy, but the hits all come from china so that won't do you any good.

    If I were you I would use your existing properties making $20 a day and try to take over more of the market using seo you learn here, just avoid the more risky/spammy techniques...the trend is increasingly towards quality vs quantity anway so if you do things right your 'blackhat' seo may resemble your white hat seo more than you would have expected. Lot's of things discussed here can be called 'gray hat'.

    Also, not sure I understand your concern with adsense...but they dont go around banning people becuase they found off-page spam links to your site (therwise i could takedown anyone's adsense account by builing spam links to their site)...and you'd have to have way more than 20 high-conversion-optimized adsense sites generating tons of clicks on the same account to draw any attention. Just look at some of the obvious blackhat sites out there that come up in the SERPS and are monetized with adsense....granted monetizing with adsense on a site where traffic is generated through a banner ad exchange, I don't know about, read the terms.
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