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    Hey guys and gals, I am a 'Tech Enthusiast' as well as a programmer in training. I am currently attempting to grow my business called 'United Allies' (cough) org, but beyond that, I came here for one reason and one reason only and that's to read! I want to read your opinions and new 'hack-related' creations. If I'm here long enough, (which is my plan) I will be able to grow my knowledge in 'computer science'. I hope to find some interesting and maybe financially useful posts here on 'BlackHatWorld' and while I'm here ill attempt to post useful ideas and general content that will better this forum!

    Post your Skype name if you'd like down below, I'm sure we could work together or maybe just be friends!

    I'm open to many ideas and two brains can change the world.

    Edit: Minor spelling correction.