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    I have joined this forum 5 years ago. I am a very honest guy and I procrastinate a lot, not lazy type the never do anything type. Though I do not do much for my living now and live a low profile life, still have lot of junk I accumulated in my life till this point but am not buying lot of new stuff now, kind of became a minimalist.

    I love BHW(A repository of infinite internet marketing knowledge, if I do internet marketing myself and make some money, a nice donation will be on its way here, we learn something, we owe it to our gurus one way or the other) and didn't wanted to loose my account as a zero poster, I thank the staff for keeping my account active. I am taking my first step of making my first post.

    Proud to be truly honest, harmless no nonsense watcher and lifetime learner. Will try to be active.

    Yours truly junkie.