Hi everyone, I am Filip and I am a web designer

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    I have been involved with web since 2006, first with flash, then tables and crappy ie6, then finally modern web as it is today.

    I have worked in three different companies for the past four years and I have experience in many areas, mainly in design/front-end coding/integration to Wordpress/OpenCart/Joomla/etc... Also I have done countless banners/email newsletters/conducted many a/b tests.

    For the end I have a question and I would be very grateful if someone would point me in the right direction...
    I have a client with whom I have a very good communication, I have done designed/built many things for all kinds of projects. He is kinda rich and has made quite a money for the last fifteen years.

    Anyway, I got an idea to work together with him on something, he as a sponsor and me as a designer/developer, and I need your help to find that "something", any help is appreciated. First, can someone point me to the topic on this forum where i can ask this question.