Hi Everyone, Experienced Black Hat, Before I Knew What Black Hat Was

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    Hi everybody. My name is bebop

    I found this site a few hours ago, and I must say there is some good information here.

    I work for a living and am about to start college (late, im not 18)

    I have been doing Myspace marketing for a long time now, selling friend adding services, reseller hosting, and ebooks to artists and network marketers.

    Also sold some adult e-books on craigslist (very lucrative) till just recently , when the volume per account limit was put into place.

    The economy is hard and now they have to take away one of our best sources of income? wtf jews

    I am pitching a venture capitalist firm this coming week on a series of automatically updating local news sites I have. Not yet public, but revenue model will follow the originals which were making about $16.00 a day, which I hope the new ones will do the same (should) x 250 of them. I am pretty excited. I want to do a launch button/party like valve did for the half life 2 launch.

    Well, pretty long intro. Hope I didn't bore you guys.