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    can't believe I've found such a great forum like this! I've been browsing it for a couple of days now and must say that i've learned more from here than I have in the last 3 years reading ebook after ebook. plus i would have saved a fortune too as i bet i've spent around $2000 on them.

    anyway i bit about myself. i used to work for an seo company in the uk called just search for 18 months before leaving and setting up on my own last year. whilst working there i learnt a few things, but most of the things i know now are from researching the net myself. whilst working for that company i setup a website in the satellite tv on pc niche in my spare time which does pretty well. it used to do about $8000 a month but since i got dropped from google adwords it averages $5000 a month from the natural.

    now i'm trying to get into the affilliate game promoting clickbank products by creating mini sites, but testing the niche first using adwords. one thing i'm struggling with is finding out how or if all possible is it to track conversions through clickbank. I've tried searching the forum for some affiliate tracking scripts but can't find anything (prob not trying harder enough!) but any help would be very very much appreciated!

    thats enough ranting for now - i'll see you in the main forum posts soon

    cheers ben