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    I went to the pokerforum 2+2 and posted this:

    "Hi 2+2, this is my first post, and I'm writting it as the last thing for tonight, so my own responses might first appear through the day of tomorrow. (Sorry for bad english, it's not my main language)

    The problem is, that I waste way too much time on forums(how ironic huh?), without ever really getting something useful out of it, apart from having a place to waste my daily attention span.

    I do play poker, but I don't enjoy it, since I get no thrill or joy from gambling, running through up/down-swings daily. Beside that, my hourly rate, as it is expectedly right now, isn't too motivating either.

    But.. I do have lots of time daily in front of the computer, and I'm having no troubles understanding the interner in general. So my thought is, that I should be able to find a way to make money while sitting here, besides playing poker.

    The problem is, that the more I think about how I could make money, the less action I take, and the more confused I get by how many options I guess there actually is for making money.

    I tried making a random blog, adding advertisements from google adsense to it, but because of forbidden "clicking" from too many *****ers, I got banned from google adsense, and missed the payout I was just about to release. (I realised that is actually a smart move from their side, letting me believe I will get payed for my ads for many days, while I'm actually giving them free advertisement space, because they already know that my payout will be blocked and account banned).

    And after that attempt, I have not been able to decide for anything. I'm aware that earning money on the internet will most likely be longrun projects, and not money in the bank from day one. But this is also what makes me hesitate, because; what if I'm wasting my time on something that gives only 20% of what I could had earned on something else, using the same amount of time.

    I don't got any large amount of money to risk for a project, so that is the reason I wrote "making money from scratch" in title.

    What options is there?
    I got time, I got a fine understanding of the internet/computers, a limited english language skill level (it's fair to say that what you see here, is proberly the best I can type), but no money or good business contacts.

    If it matters, I can tell that I'm studying a few college-level classes, and starting a bachelore after this summer. So I got slightly more than half a year to get the wheels going on this/these money making project/s. Since I'm moving out from my parents at that time.

    I could imagine that some people on youtube is earning good money on the advertisements they add to their uploads, anyone who can confirm this? And maybe someone knows the average value of x count of views, or some other useful numbers to set things in perspective.

    Obviously there must be a lot of scams and traps when it comes to making money on the internet, so my hope with this thread, is also to get my eyes opened for potential minefields, so I don't end up going all in one something that leads to nothing.

    Thanks for reading through, I look forward to your answers
    In before: "get a real job" - I'm searching, but even if I get one, I would still be interested in making money on the internet, since it will be more flexible to earn money on the internet when I start on my bachelore, than having a real job."

    A guy in that thread advised me to go to this forum, without further explanation.

    So I'm hoping that I can figure out how to get started as soon as possible, and I think I could use your help to do that.