Hi @ all ! :)

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    Hi guys!

    I'm around here for about 1 or 2 months so i guess it's about time to introduce myself ;)

    I'm not native english so please pardon me if something sounds funny haha

    So here we go with the introduction:
    My name's Moritz or simply Mo (especially for english speakers this should be more easy ;) ), I'm 20 years old and at the moment my situation is on an all time low. Very much sh*t happened over the last few months but I don't want to cry about it to you guys so I won't go into detail here haha
    My dream was always to work for myself and only for myself so I don't depend on any other person or even any place on this earth, so that I can work when I want and where I want. I'm pretty sick of justifying myself for any step I take in my life and making my own money from my own work would be what I'd call freedom.
    I searched for ways of making money online and the first thing I started something with was the Amazon affiliate program. I have some knowledge about web development, so I took some micro PHP framework I wrote for myself some time ago and built a structure on top of it with which i can produce Amazon affiliate pages really fast just by changing 1 file which contains category names and their amazon product id's. Got only the first site up but the niche is way to big, so I don't think I will see any money from it. But I sent a sitemap to google and all pages got indexed even though the pages are only product lists without any content, only some sentences about the category. Maybe that means nothing (?) but I think thats some good first news for the beginning :)
    So that was my first start at IM.

    Then I found BHW and damn.. you guys got me really motivated! You kept my dream living and for that I really have to thank you already!

    I'm also starting some other projects and trying out some methods from here and I think my first income isn't that far away anymore :) My first goal is to make enough income from IM so that i can live from it and don't have to worry about money every single month again. 1k - 1.5k / month would be enough for this at first and that would make me more happy than anyone could possibly imagine haha :)

    So that was my story with IM so far, sorry for the long post but once I start writing I have to continue with everything that comes to my mind haha :)

    Thank you already for everything I was able to learn on here, I'm really, really grateful !

    Hope you're all having a nice day! Cheers, Mo :)