Hi All, Need some advice on what i believe to be unsolicited goods.

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    Mar 12, 2016
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    A few weeks ago i ordered a 300w led light from MarsHydro, from their eBay uk portal.
    The light was half dead within 3 weeks (Half the lights where not on/working).
    I informed marshydro of the problem. I was given the option to fix it my self(spares would be sent in mail) or send it to them to fix (would take a month to come back).
    I opted to fix it my self, so i spent around £35 on a soldering iron and other related bits.
    Turns out the iron was not powerful enough to melt the solder.
    So, i asked them if they could fix it they said yes send it to this address, that cost another £14.
    i originally paid £56 for the light + £35 + £14 in total = over £100, which i could of spent on a better light.
    I received my repaired light back around 2 weeks later.

    Two Mondays ago, I received a courier email saying my order would be here the next day (i thought it was an amazon item i ordered).

    The delivery came to me by name and to my address.
    I opened it thinking it was my chicken wire but instead i found a 900w led light :) It was second hand and had come from the same repair place mine came back from.

    Would this be classed as an unsolicited item?

    Thanks for reading the above and hope someone has advice.

    Kind regards - Bow