Hi all in BHW from SouthAmerica and thanks!

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    I'm living in Argentina (not argentinian), I was working as a Maintenance Manager in plastic factories for three years till I decided that enough is enough. Not new here, but I've been reading and learning - taking notes. Being a tech guy I thought things will be easier - far far away from the reality lol. When I quit my job, I invested my time learning SEO, till I figure out...but money was just leaving and no income. I found threads where people were talking about fiverr.

    So I decided to give it a try because I was in need of a fast income, and not, not selling SEO gigs, it's crowded of guys selling SEO stuff. After surfing around fiverr I found my "niche", and since them I became a Fiverr Seller Level 2.

    I'm not making lots of money but I can pay the bills and I just invested in a new computer (AMD 8 cores processor, 16 GB RAM, 1TB hard drive...). My biggest inversion with money I earned from the Internet, I got the parts for my new CPU almost a month a ago, but I haven't ensambled my computer due to some obstacles: The day I paid for the case and the led screen for my new computer, the transaction was nulled due to "missing info"...so I was adviced to make the order again, but I wasn't able because the money I had for this purchase was on hold by the "credit card" (I guess that's the term, spanish is my mother language so I may use some terms in a wrong way).

    Anyway, I'm waiting till Monday to get that money back (around us$780), and finally get what I need to ensamble my new computer!. In the meantime I'm also learning PHP & Mysql. Planning to put in practice a method I found here to add a new income stream...

    So, that's basically a resume of this last year, with ups and downs, but whole new experience...and MY THANKS TO THE BHW COMMUNITY, hope to be back and give something in return, but I just haven't hit the jackpot yet, struggling as many of us to make a living from the Internet.

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