HG wont give out anymore IPs. Awesome.

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by jolt3500, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Last year I had HG's top dedi server with maybe 15 ips. Since then I sold many sites off and now just running on their vps. I have 3 ips, and just yesterday requested two more ips. They sent me this..

    "Due to the worldwide shortage on available IPv4 addresses, we are requiring justification before new IP addresses can be allocated to a customer's account. Specifically, we can grant additional IP addresses if the website in question uses an SSL certificate, which would require a dedicated IP address to operate correctly. You may demonstrate that you have a valid SSL certificate to install by replying back to us with that certificate's information.

    If you need any further assistance or have any questions regarding this, please let us know."

    Seriously?? So naturally I told them I would be making a storefront and would be using an ssl and now they want proof before they hand over a golden ip addy.

    So guess my question is how do you guys run your sites? I have always ran each new site on its own IP address, but now their hard to come by (I guess??). Would it be safe to run multiple sites on the same IP if the themes are the same also?

    Thanks in adv..
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    We are setting up a blog network and giving them each their own ip for seo purposes. I just posted a thread because seohosting has a 10 c-class plan for 67$ and idea stack has a 50 c class for 50$, and i was curios if the packages are any different. for you if its not for seo then it might not be a problem
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    Other than SEO, I don't see why multiple IP's are necessary. I host 15 independent pages on one hostgator reseller account with one IP. Just get the free WHMCS license they offer, it makes hosting separate sites super easy.
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    tell them that you are running vps resseling and that every vps needs additional ip..
    i think this would help ...