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    i am new here and have some ideas about starting a business based on vaping products. that's ecigarettes to those who don't know.

    i am passionate about this because it has helped me to stop smoking...

    i am going in circles because i want to do it "all". selling online, distributing to local stores and local people. seminars designed to educate and empower which, generates sales customers....

    fyi: in case you weren't aware, the majority of those commercials that are now emerging are only designed to cost you a lot of money. the x-hale and the like in convienience stores are a little better, however, "not efficient at all". it ends up costing more than smoking regular cigarettes. stay away.

    anyway, I don't have anything to sell yet.... but i do know which models are efficient, effective, and will give the best "bang for your buck".... also, how to build your own modifications for cheap that will keep you vaping for a long time with very, very low cost. i only spend about $30 amonth,, mostly because i get bored and want to try out differnt things.

    i just wondered if anyone here has had a go at the ecigarette business that i might learn some things from.... i am in oregon,, and i have no intention of trying to beat the other guy... only to educate and create "non-smokers"

    thanks all
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    Sounds like you have the right mindset, now you just need to focus on ONE direction for now (until you're making money great bank with it) and then expand after.

    Can't wait to see you dominate! :D