Hey there! new guy reporting for duty!

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    I'm Alex, 24, Romania, new to blackhatworld forums... did some unsuccessful affiliate marketing promoting clickbank and it didn't work out so well for me.

    Getting a site to rank on 1st page of google is hard for hard keywords... and for lousy keywords... $ / hour ratio isn't that good!

    Yes, they teach you on DP to do article marketing on EZA but pfft, you create more links to eza than to your site and in the end, your competition will benefit from those links.

    I love snooker, pool, going out, karting, paintball, bitch.. i mean girls and of course making money online 'cause i don't see myself working for 200-250$ (average salary in Romania)

    Anyway, this looks like a very nice forum, here's my introduction.

    Let's all make some "decent" cash! :)