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    Hey , I'm Nick from Connecticut.

    I'm into Affiliate marketing...or I'm affiliated with Affiliate Marketing lol.

    How I became involved in Internet Marketing in general started in about late 2008 when I took on a Window Washing job after several retail jobs; and had it turn out into a disaster...then I realized there had to be a better way to make money. I first started out by finding an MLM company called "Ameriplan", and then I came upon doing MLM online.

    I didn't really consider myself the "salesman" type though...so this drew me more and more into doing research...and fortunately led me to stumble upon Affiliate Marketing within the past few months.

    I also draw and write on my free time...and am doing a BA in Creative Writing.

    So that's my short biography (if you will),

    See you on the posts!