hey hey noob here thx for the reads thought id join

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Nov 19, 2009
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Ay im just starting out learning about this crazy world of online marketing. I just read that sticky BS Your Way to Internet Riches by Stumile (thx btw)..It was alota shit I already knew but explained awsome..

Me..Im broke, no job and I can hardly pay rent. Im trying to build a blog farm using tools like unique article writer, SEnuke and market samurai. I do have a website www.fedorfight.com its been up for about 3 months and its generating about 7K or 8K a month acording to webalizer, alexa at 900,000 or somthing and mostly all of the traffic from youtube, but that brings me to somthing I wanted to ask you guys. How to turn like 250,000 views into $$$..but ill save that for anouther thread..

Ive tried using adsence and several other affiliates (sports books, CJ and other mma affiliates), but with jack shit for revenue..We're talkn 8 bucks from adsence and a CTR of .40%..

But that was only a trial type site I built from artisier and tossed on wordpress as my own theme..big mistake..I totaly fucked up on the SEO and the format in which I put my content..but I guess trial and error is what this is all about, just a shame all that traffic going to waste.

So far ive learned everything on my own and havent spent a cent (except for the domain name and $50 for 3 years on a cpanel host) I like this site though it tells it like it is with tons of REAL info all free..the way it should be. Ive also been trying this 30 day challenge thing but If anyone first learning knows when you start doing one thing you end up with 5 or 6 other things on your plate..

I guess my goal for now is to make $500 to $1000 a month, not much but enough to get by. Ive learned alot, I do know theres money online and its not that hard to tap into. My last attempt was like 3 years ago bonus whoreing I made about $3000, but after neteller went away for canadians it was pretty much pointless.

Ive been reading 24/7, been up for 3 days strait now pounding back ice coffee and tweekn right out. Im not afraid to get my hands dirty and i wana use what I got to get me out of this fucked up situation im in. I got nothing but time and all the tools, so im counting on you guys to post the best stuff..Ive been on WF (wont say the word) but the other i guess "white" forum and they helped a bit but not as dirty or quick and easy as I wana make this..

Anyway thx in advance..lol I really cant belive this forum exsists, but I aint gona be bitchn about it..
I like your enthusiasm. There is a lot of good content - but don't spend your entire day reading. Find something you think will work for you and spend your day implementing it with your own twist.
Welcome to the forum, lots of stuff to learn here. Find something that works and stay with it. In other words focus, focus, focus.........
Ya focus seems to be the big issue here..i start reading about one thing and one hour later ive got 20 tabs about different shit on my screen haha. Im thinking im just gona spin some articles, make a product page from a niche and throw it on a .info domain then toss my articles around on blogger linked to my product page and try to make some adsence from the blogs too..

NTS if thats a great idea and the spinning articles idea kinda sucks but its pretty much what ive soaked in the most right now.. Any tips??
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