Hey guys could you recommend any BHW traffic service? (Or just share your experience)

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    Hey guys. Would appreciate couple useful tips from BHW Experts

    Im planning to do a little experiment in a company i work in. We have three eCommerce regional websites .eu .uk .us

    And im thinking spend some money and make an experiment to find out which traffic source works for us the best. (Except of organic traffic)

    So for .eu site ill spend 200$ on Google Adwords on .uk 200$ on Facebook ads & 200$ for .us on (Some BHW traffic service)

    And my question is which BHW traffic provider would you recommend?

    I mean - I could easily make a mistake & purchase some from Natasha Nixon service ( & i dont mean her traffic is bad but its should be used for another purposes not sales)

    P.S Ive used search option & found some interesting services but it would be grate to hear some honest opinions not in a topic starter sales page..

    Thanks in Advance!