Hey GSA SER Users - Should I buy UD, SeNuke, Licorne AIO, etc?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MajesticSEO, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Hey all, I just started using GSA SER and am thinking of getting Ultimate Demon (UD) or Licorne AIO.

    The question is, do I really need UD or Licorne?

    Most of the discussions in the past has often said that GSA is for Tier 2 while UD, Senuke, and Licorne are better suited for Tier 1.

    But with SERengine subscription, it seems GSA SER can do about the same as those other link building tools, give or take.

    What significant advantages that those other tools still have over GSA SER + SERengines, that would justified purchasing a license for them.

    The only real advantages that those other tools have over GSA SER (from my observation) is

    1. more user-friendly interface
    2. step-by-step wizards
    3. site diagram wizard ( Senuke and Licorne, but I don't think UD has this feature ) to create multi-tier campaigns
    4. built-in static site list for high PR Web 2.0 platforms like WordPress

    But these features tend to be more aesthetic as well as convenience than functional advantages.

    Any advice here is to why I should still purchase UD or Licorne AIO despite already having GSA SER? (I'm not considering Senuke or Magic Submitter or any other $100+ a month subscription tool. That's just insane IMO). What is wrong with these people by the way for charging $167 dollars a month?? At first glance, I thought it was a typo and figured it was $16 a month but after washing my eyes out, it really is $167 a month.

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    No you dont "need" them but they could help you.

    If you look at my journey (link in sig) im doing everything with GSA, FCS networker, and linkauthority network.

    I did purchase 1 service but besides that I only used the above.
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    I would agree, the only advantage is the UI is better and easier to navigate. I will say though that once you get GSA down you don't really need anything else. I do however, really like UD interface though, it's perdy.