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    Getting paid.
    How's it going, everyone. Figured I'd finally register since I've been lurking for so long.

    I'm obviously a n00b to BHW but not so much to the IM world. Been chiseling away at making a living at it for the better part of two years now. Just like I imagine most people here have experienced, I've learned that the key to success is mostly in finding and eliminating what doesn't work while scaling what does. :biggthump

    I'm not what I consider to be a "black hat" kind of marketer, but with the way that label is thrown around these days, who knows? - I just may be. I simply subscribe to the mindset that you have to be creative to be successful when your potential competition is anyone on planet Earth that has access to a computer - literally. This means that you have to be smarter, faster, and more mobile than the rest...and that's the knife I'm always sharpening. From lurking around here from time to time, I can see that quite a few of the more experienced members share this frame of mind.

    So while I can't share the latest/greatest/"733t"est new cookie-stuffing methods, scrapers, or captcha breakers, what I can share is my knowledge and experiences that I've acquired thus far.

    I'll never claim to be a "guru" because - well, why would anyone want to? I don't want my real name and face plastered on a long sales letter pimping some bloated .pdf file stuffed with other d-bag gurus' crap and a "90 minute EXCLUSIVE mastermind interview phone call."

    I'd rather just rake my money in quietly. I'm comfortable enough with the size of my penis that I don't need the ego trip of being a "guru." :D

    Anyway, I'm going to find the time to post up some tutorial threads on SEO, list building, copywriting, landing pages, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and other cool stuff soon. It'll be a mixed bag of "white hat," "black hat," "grey hat," and every other hat that people feel the need to label stuff with. But hey, it's mixing it up that gets the job done, right? Well, at least in my experience it is.

    So once again, hello from Atlanta, Georgia. It's good to finally register, be a part of, and finally give back to a community I've enjoyed watching from the sidelines.

    -Gonzo Mcribbinz
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    Huh.. What about your parents , brothers , cousins ?! :D
    Just joking... read your introductions..kinda long.
    Welcome abroad
    Btw.. I've worked with a lot of guys from Atlanta Ga.. It seems you guys really like to make big bucks online:rolleyes: