Hey BHW.

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    Sep 28, 2009
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    Just thought I would stop by the intro section and say HEY!

    Im 22 have not done much in the way of SEO, PPC, CPA, eWhoring etc...
    I have some experience in playing around with and running botnets; Also love fiddling around with network/wireless technology.
    Recently bought myself a long range 32mile sattalite and arial boosters which are pretty cool to mess with!
    Also have a good few blogs out there so only really used google adsence and what not.

    But hey im here and wanting to learn how to make a nice wage from the internet might aswell seeing as i'm on it all day everyday!!
    I have set myself a few goals which so far are:

    • Buy a new domain [X]
    • Get some hosting [X]
    • Learn about CPA and think up some methods
    • Read up on eWhoring

    All I can think of right now, just start small and go from there I guess.. So yeah I look forward to reading and learning here at BHW!

    Thanks, 3r0ss.
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