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    Hey guys, I own a small blog/website that gets around 10UVs per day via organic traffic. I earn an adsense $ here or there, but nothing consistent. Not wanting to break any rules, I won't post the link to my site, but I would like advice on whether I should narrow or keep it the same to start getting some traffic. I have around 45 quality/original posts spread across a range of subjects with 15 more posts being images/and or a paragraph of content.

    Let me break it down as you'd see the site (note that these are not the real names of the buttons): Home|About|Cynical Articles|Philosophical stuff|Gaming|Guides|Random|Writing (short stories and the like)|Conact

    Now this is a hell of a mess to keep up with...I'm lucky I get out a post a day. What I have noticed is that the gaming articles get the most traffic, but I think the cynical and philosophical stuff have the greatest chance of developing a following....if anyone ever discovers it.

    What should I do? Gaming/Writing sections provide the most enjoyment for me, and it seems like nobody cares about the more philosophical articles...My mind is everywhere with this, and it has been stressful.

    The writing skills and talent are there, although I do not know which direction to take.

    Thanks for the feedback, and apologies for the rambling.