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    Hey all.
    Just thought I'd say hello to everyone and introduce myself.

    My name is Michael and I live in Springfield, MO (USA); I'm 19. I've been making a living online since I was 13 (mainly eBay). This website looks like an excellent opportunity to learn an abundant amount of techniques for internet marketing.

    I have actually never setup a website before but I have dabbled in most of the basics. I intend to setup a few blogs and attempt to harvest a few dollars a day from each of them for my first project as a learning experience.

    If anyone has any suggestions for eBooks I can purchase that give helpful beginners information on IM please feel free to post about them here. There seems to be a ton of them out there and I'm rather unsure of what books are reliable.

    I will be sure to contribute to the forum as much as possible.

    Thanks again,
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    May 2, 2008
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    welcome to the Black hat world michael . I would really recommend you to start reading all the posts here. there is a ton of information here that will build up your concept about everything thing. There is no ebook or tutorial that I can think of that can teach you so much and moreover one of the best ebook in the market today are written by BHW members only.
    if you have any doubt or any questions about anything you can make a post here and you will get the best possible advice.

    I hope you have a gr8 time here. take care.