Here's why you should run paid ads, Absolutely CRAZY Conversion Rate inside:

Yes the ads convert if you are offering 5-10 dollar gigs but not so much when you are asking reasonable prices and not willing to work for pennies especially if you are in a high competition niche where every click is almost 1 dollar so be careful with the ads. This is just a new way for fiverr to squeeze money out of their sellers along with other schemes like seller plus that provide no real benefit. I am not saying they dont work but majority of fiverr buyers are cheap and looking for a quick fix so the conversion will not be good if you are selling high end services.

ads fiverr.PNG
Which paid ads are you using for that? Looks a bit like fiverr
looks great. now just time to find some more niches with cheap ads on fiver to promote.
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paid 0.02$ per click and got 2 sales from 3 clicks. A conversion rate of 66.67%
Ads when done right converts much better than SEO traffic. If the interest matches, you meet the user at the point where they need whatever it is you're promoting.

The nice thing with ads is that it's easier to scale of you have the budget and you control it better.

Nailing your target audience is the difficult part.
I've seen a lot of profitable people on fiverr who use ads. Kinda underrated, maybe I'll also give it a shot.
Fck fiverr. Do it on affiliate marketing and get commissions. Now that's moolah. You don't have to service anyone. Just sell.
Recently fiverr affiliate add 200$ to my account. Does anyone have any idea what it was? Not from cpa/revshave, just extra 200$ in balance
It's a great start but it will be interesting to see if it remains consistent over time.

indeed its great, this is my stats, i have changed the CPC cap multiple times, the reason i don't have many orders is because the category of the gig, like its a type of gig which you buy once a year maybe.
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