Here's some ideas you can steal and use to build your Tier1 web2.0s

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    I don't want my tier 1's to be spammy. I bet you don't want that either.

    But generating nice, quality content on those T1s can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Especially if you want to keep them fresh. This basically means that you need to be a slave to content and constantly keep producing more. Or buy it somewhere.

    However, there are some ways you can create legit Tier 1 web2.0s and keep them updated without much problem. And that doesn't involve spam or spun content.

    Build your T1 around your interests like TV shows, games or whatever. Not all of them need to be niche related.

    For example: I like some tv shows, like Mad Men and Game of Thrones. You can simply build some web 2.0s around these shows and the content others have produced. How? For example. You can make a tumblr with pictures from Mad Men, another with ads in the Mad Men style, clothes from that era etc. Just get the content from other sites (feel free to link back). You can write a little piece to accompany the picture or video or whatever, but that's not necessary.

    How will this help you rank? Well. You can simply write a long about page and tell a story why you like the show, what is interesting about it etc and then mention something along the lines of "This site is curated by people at" or use any anchor you want. And it doesn't have to be about page, it can be basically anything.

    The benefit of this is that if you use a site like Tumblr or Wordpress, you can get some visibility and organic links to those web 2.0s.

    Since you already like the thing you are blogging about, it is not a chore at all. Just sit down, search for content other's have created, reblog, write a short (or long) blurb and use the scheduling option to drip feed the content. I do this once every 3-4 weeks. Takes like 15 minutes max per blog.

    You can also do this with Youtube videos (for example I have a blog which is populated by interviews of startup guys I like to listen), pictures, quotes, slides or whatever.

    1. Create web 2.0s around your interests.
    2. Populate them with content you actually enjoy. Use stuff that are naturally shareable like pics, videos, quotes etc.
    3. Drip feed the content for weeks at a time.
    4. Write an about page or similar, add that to the blog and link from that to your site. Or use a "curated by" on the front page of the blog or something.
    5. Repeat.

    This obviously works best if you are building links to rather small sites, or sites for small companies.

    And just to make sure, I don't say that this is all you should do and that this alone will rank you (it might depending on the keyword). You should get niche related links as well, but I've found that this is an easy way to diversify your backlinks and actually quite enjoyable process as well.

    I hope this helps even one of you.
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    sounds good but would this really boost my ranking while the T1 links are not related to my site's niche?
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    That's what I'm thinking too. It may be more enjoyable, and that's all well and good but I thought major search engines are increasingly looking for context relevance in links, meaning the topics would have to be the same in order to funnel maximum link juice to your Tier 1's.
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    Like OP said.
    It's an easy and fun way to diversify link building and in this case diversity is getting non-niche but good quality and natural looking links.
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    Good tips. That's the thing about a backlinking strategy. It's not just all about one kind, or one place, it's about a lot of little things like this. And the bright side to this is that it allows you to call it work when really you're getting to fanboy or fangirl your way around a lot of sites you'd be cruising anyway.