Here's my semi black hat technique for launching new sites

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    This is what I've been doing. It is pretty effective as long as you think through your plan ahead of time.

    When I launch a new site, I do something crazy to get it publicity out of the gate. I come up with something insane, then I put out a high quality press release about it. What I'll do is a series of press releases. I start with an expensive $100 one with good distribution and make sure it is written to get into Google News. Then I'll do a series of cheaper ones, then a series of free ones. Get a phone number and put media contact info on your site and write about it, make it sound real good ;-)

    Timed along with the PR's I buy Tweets, ramp up the posting schedule, and have a whole series of videos pre-made to drop in sequence. As I drop the videos I use methods to start getting them views, comments, etc.

    Once this kicks off I crank up the link blasting throughout the pyramid and I do smaller blasts of EDU/GOV/high PR links direct to the site I want to set sail.

    It all has to be a coordinated attack timed together.

    So far this has worked pretty good. It requires a small investment for the press releases. You manufacture buzz and make Google think something really newsworthy is going on with your site, and use it as a cover to get away with accumulating a crapload of links.

    The only problem is sometimes it works too good, it gets picked up by people who will write and post about it. It can't all be fluff, you gotta be ready to deliver some meat behind it to keep those folks at bay. I've gotten phone calls from newspapers and I usually just ignore them. Because you just want people to click and buy stuff not write about whatever publicity stunt you invented :p
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