Here's Exactly How You Can Get a Couple Thousand Facebook Fans By The End of The Day

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Noah Hawryshko, Nov 14, 2016.

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    So here's what you do: Find a ridiculously exaggerated picture of the moon, but one that still may seem somewhat realistic to the average person. Photoshop it against some blacked out trees and just make it look fucking gigantic.

    Put up a fake news site link in the lead-in with the same picture describing how amazing and big the moon is going to be. Make SURE you keep it sweet and simple, and link back to your "official livestream" both at the end and throughout the article to give credibility.

    Set up a fake live-reaction and share count. "like if you're watching from Europe", "react happy if you're from Australia", and most importantly "share if you're from North America". Make sure the "share" count is almost double the reaction count from anywhere else.

    Share in some groups, even groups where livestream aren't allowed, set the countdown to 7 minutes and keep looping it. Done.
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