Here'e the deal, my Dad's service website. Please help!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Moneymaker13, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I have been talking to my Dad about doing his pool service website, the one he has now has been done in flash, and is a lot more dificult to keep up on and rank for keywords.

    So now I told him "hey I'll make you a website, and start some SEO to get him at the top for different keywords such as "AZ Pool Service", "Arizona Pool Service", etc... So he said he'd pay me like $100-$200 a month to do the SEO.

    Now, the question for you all is what exactly should I do to start the site, I have hosting and such, I have photoshop, dreamweaver. I don't think I'm ready to create a custom site for him, I found some templates on but I'd like to get em for free. And I also was thinking about using wordpress, do you think there is a theme that would work good for a pool service and repair company? If you have one please advise me to the link if it's nulled here, or whatever.

    Now the SEO part, I know that I should get relevant links and such, but I don't know where else to go to start.

    Thanks so much.

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    I'd definitely go for Wordpress. There are tons of incredibly awesome Wordpress themes in the Downloads section.


    Just saw this whole bunch of Template Monster themes in the Downloads section. So there, problem solved.

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    After you've settled on a theme (I would go for wordpress, because thats all I know), do the best on site SEO as much as possible inc H1, H2, H3. I think a lot of people skip them, well, 2&3. It takes 2 seconds to do and isnt going to harm your site.

    As for a $100 for SEO, dont go crazy if its a new site. Either do it yourself with automation or outsource the work to people on here with good rep.

    Do a online press release, as its for an actual business, make sure your local google listing is exactly the same on all of them and this'll help with your rankings in the local map as well.

    As for types of links
    web 2.0

    A mixture of all, but dont go crazy, especially if your local. It shouldnt take much to rank at all.

    Good luck
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    You can do onsite seo with wordpress plugins.

    As for full SEO the following should be fine:

    Linkbuilding (Blog comments etc)
    Web 2.0 profile creation and posting
    Social bookmarking
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    Thank you very much, I just can't find a site for like exact services, I need to find a theme that's not like all blog.

    I saw that thread, the guy just skipped the ones that I saw on, and most of them are also like 24505 or something... but thank you anyways :)

    I'll definitely add those first(I never knew if wordpress automatically did that), thank you very much! And the H2 tags and such are for what again? I totally forgot :p SOrry...

    Awesome, thank you so much for the tips!!!

    I'll make sure I do that. Thank you so much, and in blog comments does it have to be relevant? Or how do I find them?

    Thank you all, I'm so thankful!

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    It should be fairly easy to rank for the long tailed keywords you mentioned in your original post. Make your site, add relevant content, do a bit of PR as noted above and see how it does. Another helpful thing would be to do a competitive analysis of the competition for the keywords you want. Go for the keywords you can easily rank for and check google to see how often these keywords are searched for monthly
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    There are special rules that apply to ranking for local keywords that are different than normal SEO. I haven't done SEO for local searches in a few months, since before the big changes, but this is what I remember. If any of these things have changed since they revamped it, I apologize:

    *Google puts huge value on what they call "citations", which are the Google Places version of backlinks. What this is is the total number of times your business's information appears somewhere, e.g. "Joe's Arizona Pool Services Inc. 1 (800) 123-4567 123 Fake St Springfield IL" or something like that.

    When it comes to citations, quantity appears to be a much bigger factor than quality. Google Places doesn't seem to care what PageRank the page is that the citations are on and obviously you don't have to worry about nofollow tags.

    The key though is do NOT vary your citations even slightly. Write your citation once and save it somewhere, and always use that EXACT same citation everywhere you build it.

    *Google also places a huge value on the quantity of information that you fill out in the Google Places listing. A lot of businesses just rush through the process of setting up the listing and leave a lot of stuff blank. To maximize your chances of appearing first, fill it out COMPLETELY.

    Always make sure that you use up as many image and video slots as they will allow you. If you are trying to rank for 5 different keywords than I would get 5 different images and name those images the exact keywords you want to rank for and fill up all the slots. Then do the same with Youtube videos. You can easily get a ton of decent looking videos up for free just by using the service "Animoto", which is actually pretty high quality.

    *Another factor that Google Places takes into consideration is the number of reviews and how positive they are. What you are going to want to do is find out how many average reviews your competitors have and fill out that many fake reviews plus an extra ten for good measure.

    DONT make these reviews blatantly fake though. If every single review you have is 5 stars and 100% raving, you will definitely get in trouble for it. Make them realistic, make them either 5 or 4 stars and maybe even one 3 just to be safe.

    Also, this should be obvious, but use DIFFERENT Google Accounts and DIFFERENT IP addresses when filling out these reviews, and do NOT make them all appear within 10 minutes of each other. Spread the reviews across a couple weeks. Also make sure to always clear your cookies with CCleaner and change user agents every now and then for good measure in between filling out reviews, just to be safe

    What I would do if I were in your position would be first to check out these two helpful posts:

    Those should give you some ideas. I would use the Google Keyword Tool to find high traffic keywords, then write exactly one page on your website (preferably Wordpress) for every single keyword. DONT try to combine a ton of keywords onto the homepage, it works SO much better when you have a unique page dedicated to every keyword. Then make the obvious on-page modifications like putting the keyword in the url, title, h1 tags, etc (you can use the free version of Traffic Travis or WebCEO to check your on-page SEO).

    Then I would submit the site to the following local directories, making sure to put a link back to my site as well as the citation copied EXACTLY in the description. I used to do this using Magic Submitter to speed things up but if you dont plan on doing this for other businesses, you can just do it manually:

    Site	PR
    Google Maps	9
    Yahoo Local	9
    LinkedIn	9
    Superpages	8
    Yellowpages	8
    Bing Local	8
    Citysearch	8
    TripAdvisor	8
    Better Business Beauru	8
    ServiceMagic	8
    DMOZ	8
    Yelp	7
    Merchant Circle	7
    Foursquare	7
    Gowalla	7
    InsiderPages	7
    DexKnows	7
    Kudzu	7	7
    Chefmoz	7
    Fodors	7
    Travelocity	7
    Frommers	7
    HotelGuide	7
    Yellowbot	7
    UrbanSpoon	7
    BOTW	7
    InfoUsa	6
    Craigslist	6
    Backpage	6
    Oodle	6
    Olx	6
    Acxiom	6
    Angie's List	6
    Manta	6
    Wcities	6
    Hotfrog	6
    Chicago Smugnet	6
    Localeze	5
    Judysbook	5
    Gayot	5
    Cityvoter	5
    MagicYellow	5
    Valpak	5
    BrownBook	4
    Guidespot	4	3
    EbayClassifieds	2
    UniversalBusinessListing	2
    Lastly I would build a couple thousand backlinks using Article Marketing Robot or possibly Scrapebox (probably AMR) pointing my backlinks at the unique pages on my site using the keyword I want to rank for as anchor text as well as including a citation (do NOT vary either of these even slightly. It may not look as "natural" but it works way better when you do NOT vary anchor text or citations)

    I used to do all that stuff for decently competitive local terms and I would rank #1 for all of my keywords every time. And to be honest, getting $100-$200 per month is pretty low compared to what a lot of businesses are willing to pay for this stuff. A lot of companies will pay at least $1000 per month to do this basic stuff; you find 10 companies like this and thats an easy 6 figure income.

    Hope that helps.
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    Oh my gosh man, thank you so much, this is very helpful!

    Thank you for all the time you put into it to teach me, this is what I will definitely go off of!

    Thanks again!

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    getting ranked will be easy for the links,do not sweat on getting only the relevant links.a few thin links will do the job i will say.
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    Some genuine Guys like "oinky222" keep this forum from drying out!!
    Just have to say - Thanks.
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