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    I must admit - I read more on BHW that give bread crumbs but I'm about to give you a loaf.... To me this is valuable to some it may be worthless but I know this crap works great for giving away my e-book that is slammed with affiliate links. I authored the book so really I can give it away but I also sell it on CB.

    There is not much need to tell you what websites I use this method on. I'm sure ya'll can figure it out ;) (Fr33cycle.0rg performs best!)

    So Here we go!

    TITLE: I have leftovers from the Sandia Business Seminar
    BODY: I have some buisiness packages left over from our International Business Seminar at Sandia. All of these are boxed and prepaid with postage so all I have to do is slap your mailing address on the box and put it in the mail. They are up for grabs so first come first served. Please contact me if you want me to send you one. Again you don't have to pay for shipping as they are pre-paid with USPS.

    So if you are a business person or looking to start your own business then please claim one. Even if you work in your garage it can help you get rollin'. These business packages cost $350 at our Seminar and we just offload the rest to the public.

    Again contact me if you want me to ship it your way.

    So here's why it works - First it's not really saturated (But I'm sure it will be after this post) People want free stuff and they are lazy and don't want to have to earn it. So I took a photo of a package off of g00gl3 images and put it with my post. People see something tangible and send me an email with their mailing address. It's CRAZY!

    Here is my response

    Email Response: I'm sorry they've been claimed I have a digital copy of the 'beefier' part of the package if you want me to email it to ya' It's got some good info. The box had a bunch of 'small business' advertisements and knick knack office toys really. So let me know if you want me to email you the digital copy. It's in PDF format.

    Next thing you know my respose generates another email from the requestee! I attach my 47 page ebook that teaches you how to make.... Well you get the idea.

    This works on Fr33cycle best because people are catching on to the CL spm. Fr33cycle isn't moderated as heavily and members of hte fr33cycle community are WAY more trusting than on CL.

    Again you think my method is worthless or even weak but it does generate a lot of money for me. I've been hustlin' this for a few months and I can't complain. They actually start forwarding my guide to thier buddies and it becomes viral. Checks come it - and I spend the moolah. Thanks for the love - I'd love to see what type of feedback you may have for my method.

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    Pretty good actually. I can see this getting saturated fast though. Make sure to put your own spin on it!