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    Man this is the third time in a row i've been declined by a affilate network
    right now a few minutes ago i was chatting with the maxbounty Am and she was asking all sorts of stuff checking me and just then she asked:

    maxbounty-Where is the pixel?


    maxbounty-That generates the lead?

    me = no clue what she's asking.:confused:

    what was she actually asking?
    can anybody here at BHW understand what she was asking and what should been my answer....
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    Nov 7, 2008
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    Poll factory dude can you explain me all this in brief please.
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    May 17, 2008
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    seek for Cpa accounts
    next to you
    just call them

    they would ask follow questions
    STEP Two

    You need to be ready to answer all those questions:

    Q:How many uniques a month do you get?

    Q:How many click a month do you get?

    Q:How many target invistor a month do you get?

    Q:How do you get traffic?
    A:I build blogs and webpages and I get traffic through PPC on google.
    A:eek:rganic traffic,GG marketing,video sites(youtube),DIGG,media buys
    A:Seo, buyer

    Q:How long have you been doing Internet Marketing?
    A:1.5 years or more

    Q:What has worked for you in the past?
    A:pPC ,email marketing,

    Q:What vertical/category/kind of offer you want to promote, or have promoted in the past?
    A:Anything that converts, I've done gaming, freebies, health, ringtones, email submit, etc..

    Qo you offer incentives?

    Q:How much do you spend on advertising?
    A:100$ per day

    Qo you work with other network, which ones?
    A:YES, name any that you have been accepted at or name any random ones.

    Q:How did you hear about us?
    A:My friend john told me

    Q:do you work with all the major networks?
    A:i'm working with CJ and Linkshare

    Q:What kind of offers are you interested in?
    A:healthcare(if your website is healthcare webite)

    Step Three

    Between 1PM-6PM (weekday) call all of them. You should have all their numbers in your email inbox. They WILL call you and if you don't pick up you WILL get denied. Might as well call them and be ready.

    If you are nervous call a friend and talk a bit before (don't tell him about the CPA thing). Walk while you call them (or do something else like driving or laundry etc). It gives momentum and confidence.

    Call all of them after the others. Don't get lazy. If you get denied disregard it. Drink a redbull or whatever makes you feel focused. Momentum is key.
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    ok im currently signing up with neverblue**ads they this field in the sign up form it goes like this "Spend allotted to marketing efforts:____________________" im kinda confused about it what do they expect me to type here. do they mean how much i spend on marketing?

    "just taking a precaution" i just don't want anything against me this time.
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    Oct 11, 2008
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    Yes, I believe that "Spend allotted to marketing efforts" means how much you spend on advertising/marketing. It's been awhile since I applied to NB, and I don't remember being asked that question.

    Anyway, NB was the first CPA network that I applied to, and I found it easy to get accepted. I didn't even have a website at the time. What I did was complete their online form, and then I called them a few hours later to follow up. A rep transferred me to an affiliate manager, who asked me some questions (similar to what cnwelf posted) and just generally wanted to know what my plans were for promoting the offers, as well as what types of offers I was interested in.

    I also explained why I hadn't set up a website yet -- I told the guy that I was planning to do market research first, find an appropriate offer, and then build a site around that offer, but it's hard to do that until you get to see what offers are available (because they don't give you that information until you're accepted).

    This explanation is logical (and therefore can't really be argued by the AM), and it works very well for any affiliate program (CPA or not) where the application asks for your website's URL. (And if it won't let you submit the form without entering your URL, I would just put a note in there saying that your site isn't set up yet. I have done this, and it works, especially if you call them on the phone to follow up.) As long as you sound confident on the phone, they'll believe that you know what you're doing, and you'll probably get accepted. After I got accepted to NB, I set up a simple (but professional looking) review style website just for the purposes of applying to other programs. I did absolutely no promotion, just on-page SEO and submitting the URL to the "big three", and it makes me about $20/mo, so this "front" even pays for itself. :)

    Hope that helps.
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