Here is what I am doing and kind of need some feedback!

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    I don't know about a lot of things, and everything I do know, I learned here. This was the first site I ever came to when it comes to IM. Thank God (my deity, you may have another) I did too or I would have been a dummy stuck over on DP running is circles following idiots who dare try to copy stuff from here. And my brother is also a member here and is doing what he is learning by going offline a bit after he learned how to create WordPress themes from me.

    So that said, I am currently doing this starting with fiverr:

    I went over to or whatever (before they had their little spat) and actually paid for VIP to get a cracked version of sick submitter 2.4 that worked. And then I got the xGEN 1.0.7, then 1.0.8, here and jumped on fiverr. Now that is working for me, running a bit of a backlink game submitting and creating blog, article submission, and the whole bookmarking deal for $4 a gig (that takes 15 days to clear). Now I made the first $100 in a vast amount of time, a little over a month, and bought scrapebox. I still dont understand that much, but I continue to make about $8 a day (that I still have to wait for) on fiverr with sick and xGen.

    Now I know how to convert HTML to WordPress because I downloaded all the ThemeForest html themes here and then downloaded how to convert html to wordpress and how to create your own plug-ins (still learning plug-ins but not that hard really) and want to go somewhere with that.

    I started a site for web design two days ago for web design and SEO, especially since I have been putting so much stock into learning SEO and backlinking that I might as well have a site.

    I have probably converted joomla to wordpress (or atleast emulated the joomla site and just used the plug-in to import articles over to categories) at least 30 times for different customers and have done tons of WordPress sites, and I have great reviews for this.

    But again, this is all for $4 over at fiverr. I tried joining the other sites like tenbux and junk to no avail.

    So now that you know what I am doing, any advice:grouphug:, and heck I will even take a "hey stupid, you are doing this wrong" comment, if it is not too bad. :beer:

    By the way, as you can see, I am not afraid of hard work.. I do it for $4 all the time, even creating themes. But I am tired of working and being broke.