Herbalife - lifestyle and health products - Opinions?

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    Hello guys,

    Don't know in states but in my country these guys are pretty liked over here and I'm also opting for them even if I'm 16 years. Today I was on their center and one guy from there (an affiliater lol) made me a personalised program to bulk in (I will work out, no problems) which will cost me somewhere to 300$/month. + healthy food let's say will cost me 500-600$ monthly.

    Are these healthy? Does anyone from here use them?

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    Oct 7, 2011
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    Do yourself a favor and forget about Herbalife!! They say they are "specialist" in weight reduction but in fact they only want you to buy there overpriced products. Most of the sellers have no background what so ever in nutrition or fitness, but they tell you they got "trained" by other members who themselves mostly have no clue what they are talking about.

    In fact there whole system is a pyramid scheme where about 1% of HerbaLife distributors make 85% of the company's sales.
    Go to the nearest fitness center and talk to professionals, you will get way further then with herbalife!
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    Herbalife? They are still around?
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    Dec 8, 2010
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    ^^^^ True , Try staying away from company's like this one , they are just scams at least in my eye's . Only the people at the top actually make money.
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    Yeah so I am not sure if I can or cannot agree with the whole idea that herbalife is a scam or not. I did pay the $67.00 it costs to be an independent distributor with them and have not made a dime off them yet. I can agree that it is a fact that a lot of distributors do not have the knowledge necessary to be effective in giving you aide in weight loss, weight gain, or sports fitness. But that is why they only sell supplements and not hours in the gym as personal trainers. I in fact will be going to school to be a personal trainer and this will then complement what I am trying to do in my career. All of the product descriptions are detailed enough to let you know what you are buying, and while their prices do not fit walmart prices they are worth the price. I have taken the products and absolutely believe in their effectiveness. But as it has been mentioned I would not suggest being an independent distributor unless you are willing to put a lot of money into it first as well as having to explain away all the negative comments that follow the name. But as far as buying the products themselves? I would say go for it if you can find someone who knows what they are doing in the health and fitness department.