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    I am re-kindling my connections in the adult internet world. Would anyone be interested in marketing herbal products? Prostate pills, herbal viagra, body detox, tons of stuff. The offers are for free 2 week and 30 day samples. The customer pays only for shipping and handling which is not much (people pay s+h no matter what it is anyway). I have been doing PPC ads for the prostate pills with .10 - .20 ads and its been working out. The program is not open to the public but I asked him on friday if I could refer people to the program and he said yes. The company has been around for 10 years and is the leader in herbal cures. They are originally an adult company so their marketing tactics are great and I believe you can link directly to the sales page if you want. Anyway, if youre interested let me know. I am not positive on the payouts yet but I think its around $15 for a free sample. Send me a PM if you want to get in on the program.

    No email marketing on this, the traffic needs to be clean and legit, they have a strong fraud program in place so trying to game it is not worth your while.

    The products are on the shelf in walgreens, GNC, CVS etc so those logos are on the site which helps for proof.

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