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    Sometimes you feel that your blog or site although getting good traffic could do with more of a long term boost, this comes in the form of good relevent links to your site.

    There are some naughty ways ofcourse to achieve good results...

    What are the keywords and topics of your site?

    Important, write down the words and topics you feel people will be looking for to find your site and keywords found in your site and meta tags. Search google for the keywords one by one, you are looking to take note of any forum topics that appear on the first page for these words, if for example one of your keywords is "diamond rings" and a search brings up a ring forum with a thriving topic about diamond rings, this is one you want to go for.

    Why are these topics important?

    The topics are ranking high for the keywords you are after, if you get your link into the topic thread with related keywords the search engine crawl will find your site via it. The big Google loves nothing more than links from forums and related content.

    Getting your link onto the forum page

    Everyone knows if you come onto a forum guns blazing posting links the mods are going to get rid of them and ban you. So heres what you do...

    Make relevant posts in the topic/topics, then bookmark the site, forget about your post for a week or so depending on how busy the forum is. After this time come back to the same topic which by now is probably a few pages back. This is where you edit your post to show your link. Set the link as the URL but with the keywords masking it to help it that little bit more. With any luck if its no longer an active topic, which it probably isnt it will just drift into the deapths of the forum with your link in it for eternity:cool:

    Wikiwoooooooo..... pedia

    The vein of all internet users, how many times does the bloody site sit at the top of the search engine when you look for something? This is good for you if you can get your link on the page. Everyone tells me its impossible because of the strict moderating but its not.

    Find a wiki page that sits very high in the search engine for your keyword/topic, you will find the editable links at the bottom.

    Ask yourself.... is this a VERY popular topic? If it is your link will probably be gone in 5 seconds. For this I have been known to register very similar domain names to the ones listed in the links and replace say a letter or the domain prefix with mine and they normaly dont notice!!!! Redirect this domain name to your site, hey presto!

    For less popular wiki content but still very valuable link space for you just simply change one of the bottom links to your url, it may get changed back but keep on doing it, I have so many links in wiki now and they really have just stayed there, some for more than a year, this is great for my sites for both traffic and ranking.

    Anyway thats a few methods for you to try, my hands hurt now so I gots to go :)
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