Helpful Proxie Tool For Sorting IPS


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Nov 2, 2008
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this tool - ive had it about 12 yrs - but old doesnt mean useless
and heres a simple use for all you port scanner people. first off the tool


for this tip we will be using the option called
[ remove combo which contains chars ]

so lets say you have a list of proxies on multiple ports but want to save
only specific proxies on a certain port number only. hears what you do

1 - lets say we have a list of proxies and want to save proxies only on port
8080. goto the box marked [ remove combo which contains chars ]
and in that box type :8080 like so


2 - next hit the GO button and point to the list of proxies you wish to take
of the certain proxie types from - like so - and click open - for the sake of the
file i called mine LIST


3 - now your list is loaded into the tool - and you have told the tool which ips
you want to separate from the main list, a save box will now open and you will
now make 2 saves. in the file name box for the first save type 1, then the save
box will open again, type 2.

4 - now on your desktop you have 2 files. 1 all with port :8080 proxies
and the second file is your remaining proxies minus all :8080 proxies
this is for those who have no payed ip sorting tools. works on all ports


1 - download link

2 - virus report
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Nice share bro, it'll come in handy for a lot of people who scrape and scan so they can remove those BS ports. It should help to save someone a lot of time from picking through them. I only scan on 4 different ports for HTTP proxies, so unless they redirect I don't usually have uncommon ports personally. If you scrape your proxies from public lists though you know there's tons of uselesss proxies, mostly from China. Anything with a 5 digit port is almost always useless, same with port 9999. 99 out of 100 times they'll be China proxies that won't work, or just flat out crap that doesn't work, no matter the country.
This is one the most important tools for members

who don't have scrapebox or

the ability to whitelist specific ports into their programs.
its a very old tool 10/12 yrs old but its can sort proxies
via port in in 30 seconds just the same as a white list
port remover .
Nice share Tony. I'm assuming you can do this with other types of text files and not only proxies right?

This tool will come in handy for me if it can.
Nice share Tony. I'm assuming you can do this with other types of text files and not only proxies right?
This tool will come in handy for me if it can.

originally this was a tool for separating specific words into 2 files
but it works with proxies as well
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