*help* Woocommerce - meta description on product categories?

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    Im not sure if anyone here could help me but im going nuts on this so trying it out.

    Im using woocommerce for the first time on one of my sites, and i have stumbled upon somthing that i see as a problem (hopeflly and most likely there is a solution to this)
    My shop is built up from product categories. And in this example the site is a fashion shop therefor my categories is as follow:

    And below these categories i have all my product.


    In Google if someone seach on "bags" and my category about would show up ie. (ok it seems that i cant even get something up that would even be a little close to a webadress.) webadress.tld/bags
    My meta description would be from one bag that i have in this category.
    But i want in some way to write my own one so that it would suit the product category in a good way. Is there any way to fix this or do i have to make "pages" with my category name and then have 1 shop on each page?