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    I know i might not be in the right place. And probably asking the wrong question.

    I'm portuguese, and i use twitter a lot. I've been trying to register a new twitter account for personal use, and the usernames i like, are either inactive or occupied.

    There is one particular username i like a lot. The username is UmTwitteiro , and i know i might be banned for asking this, but since this is a black hat forum and all...

    Could anyone help me get the password?
    From what i understand, the guy used it to promote his site (in the bio of the username), back in 2011, but hasn't used it since. Might have been a bundle of names he bought since i've found a lot of them in search. But neither the domain, neither the username are being used...

    Could anyone help? Really? Please?

    PM me if you can :(

    EDIT: You can also reply if you know some way to or pass the word onto another user.


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