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    Okay, so I have been here for a while now. I think this is a great place for anything, but personally I use it for money making ideas.

    So I'm gonna tell my situation very quickly. I'm in urgent need of money. I have to get $100 till Friday (Today is Monday so it's 5 days). I've tried plenty of methods here, in methods list.

    1) CPA Networks
    Doesn't work for me, because no ones accepting me. I sent a request to 8 sites and got 5 rejections. Three of them didn't answer.
    Is there a way to join CPA Network quickly and without blog/website?

    2) Clickbank
    I set up my account, but I wasn't able to sell anything. I tried to sell using answering sites like AllExperts, but after 2hrs of answering got no sales.
    Again, Is there a way to drive traffic without having blog/website/youtube or anything. Although, I could do job if needed ;)

    3) Domains
    I also got 2 domains purchased, but they doesn't sell, because they're both .info. What could be use of them? Maybe I could make website, drive traffic?
    How much time/money/experience does it take to build a website for earning money?

    I Don't care how, I just need $100 till Friday, no matter is it a BlackHat, WhiteHat or GreyHat method. I'm looking for help and willing to take action.
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    I know that you can start cashing in from youtube. should do a little research and see what you can get =P
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    article writing...fiverr
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    Your best bet is to join CleanFiles, they accept you pretty much instantly if you use a promo code found here posted by the owner. But you will need to go through verification that requires you to upload a txt file to a host with a domain. But In that short amount of time it will be very difficult to make $100 if you're just starting out.

    Your best bet is selling your services, it can be on fiverr or even offline. Or sell some of your stuff that you don't use on eBay.

    Good luck!
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    I know this sounds kind of gross, but in the U.S. you could sell your blood and sperm for instant cash. As for internet marketing, it will probably take a lot longer than a week to get properly set up with a paying web site. Even with a web site doing CPA, Clickbank etc. would take some time to get profitable. Stick with what you know and sell that service. Find a common household chore that no one likes doing and offer to do that for a fee. Mow a few lawns, clean a few garages, wash some windows. I know this isn't computer based, but it's a quick and easy way to earn a few bucks fast.