HELP with new paypal / ebay switch up PLEASE

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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Hi, I was banned from Paypal for a stupid reason, but that's done. SO MY ebay account was still good and what I did is switched the name on ebay to my ex wifes (while still married lol) and she opened a paypal. BOTH are in good standing and being used successfully BUT IN HER NAME :(. I was always the exclusive ebayer in the family. BUT now divorced all she will let me do is sell stuff get paid in paypal and and she gets the check toward child support. NOW I want to go bigger on ebay and sell more than just child support money. I have a friend with a paypal account in good standing for his old business (NOT on Ebay, sold BIG ticket 5k sales a year ago for a few months) and is going into business with me as partners. Can I do the same thing? Just switch to his/business name on ebay registration back outta her name on ebay account and get rolling like before? Again all in good standing. Thanks for any advise, sorry for the novel :)
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